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Zero Emission Group is an EPFL student-led initiative, aimed at promoting a comprehensive approach to finding solutions against accelerating climate change

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This one-day event had the goal of bringing together key stakeholders to envision a sustainable energy future within the resource boundaries of our planet. Our engineers had developed a tailor-made online platform to ensure dynamic exchanges during the whole day. It has streamed live debates, provided access to interactive workshops and even networking rooms – read all about this exiting conference and its outcomes in the report.


Our Vision

We dream of a society that is able to stop global warming through clever innovation. Climate change is the major issue of our century, which will have unprecedented impacts on the quality of life of the global population, starting with endangered species and developing countries. Our overall goal is to raise awareness about these issues in the scientific community and to promote the implementation of low-carbon solutions through a collaborative engagement within the academic, private and public sector.

Who Are We ?

Zero Emission Group is a growing group of EPFL students concerned by the consecutive scientific reports on global warming and sharing a strong will to bring science-based solutions to this issue. We are convinced that interdisciplinarity is a key component in the design of low-carbon solutions and that EPFL’s high reputation in scientific excellence will bring a credible voice to the climate crisis chapter. We are the engineers of tomorrow who are determined to use our high-level skills in the context of the low-carbon transition and to develop a unique expertise in the global fight against greenhouse gas emissions.

What Do We Do ?

To raise awareness about climate change in a technology and innovation-oriented environment, we organize Climate Talks and movie projections. We also position ourselves both in low-carbon action and dialogue on the campus. We are convinced that showcasing pilot projects and best practices is an efficient way to engage decision makers in a constructive climate dialogue at EPFL and will allow us to develop new skills in a global context of carbon transition.


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Zero Emission is always looking for new members to help us in our mission to promote the low-carbon society. Whether you are a student, a post-doc, or a collaborator, feel free to send us an e-mail or contact us on social media. We have a lot of projects coming and will definitely need you.

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How to support us

Donations and public support are important to help us keep up with our activities and promote them. If you would like to to support us, please send us an e-mail or contact us on social media.

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Location: EPFL -VPE -DAF, CE 1 631, Station 1, CH-1015 Lausanne


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