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A bit of history

Zero Emission Group was founded in 2019 as an EPFL student association to fight the climate crisis through a collaborative engagement of the public, academic and private sector. While at the beginning, our work mostly revolved around Sustainable Finance and Life Cycle Assessment, other projects have quickly seen the light of day in our association. In fact, two of them have outgrown us to become independent organisations – our Digital Sobriety project became a startup called Resilio, and our carbon capture project became the Carbon Team, a MAKE project at EPFL.

Zero Emission Group continues their work in this spirit, by providing a platform for students who want to realize projects around sustainability, in a welcoming community that supports them in what they do.

We value a global approach to sustainability, representing all of society. This is why we are proud to have become a student association of UNIL in May 2023, allowing us to recruit students from social and natural sciences equally.





Julian Wirtz


Gaelle Verdon

Vice president Human affairs

Sabri El Amrani


Rui Leitao

Vice president Internal affairs

Stefan Wang


Alice Klein

Vice president External

Awareness Teamleaders

Louis Cousturian

Climate Fresk Teamleader

David Bekri

Poster Campaign Teamleader

Gaelle Verdon

Well-Being Teamleader

Sabri el Amrani

FASEJ Teamleader


Events Teamleader


Communication Teamleader

Hands-on Projects Teamleaders

Selin Kandiyoti Eskenazi

LCA Teamleader

Guillaume Peyraud

REO Teamleader

Gaelle Verdon

Plast-it-Back Teamleader

Maxime Albisetti

REO Teamleader

Benjamin Tiberghien

Plast-it-Back Teamleader

Raphael Mosca

Sustainable Finance Teamleader

Andrea Perozziello

EcoLens Teamleader

Valentin Hartmann

Sustainable Finance Teamleader

Sid Lamichhane

EcoLens Teamleader

If you want to join us, you can click the button below. If you want to know more about the association, you can go in the section « About us » in the menu.

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