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Raise awareness

For the sustainable transition to succeed, we will need as many people as possible to participate! This is why the following six teams are working tirelessly to raise awareness about sustainability issues on our campuses and beyond.

Their goal is to inform about the science behind climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution, as well as to show people how to become a part of the solution.

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Current projects :


Zero Emission Group is working on creating a workshop with the county of Vaud and the « Fondation Antoine de Saint-Exupéry » (hence the name of project, FASEJ). Its aim is to inform, stimulate critical thinking, and inspire secondary school students, helping them see the role they can play in the
ecological transition.

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That’s us ! We are in charge of the internal and external communication. Our tasks are very broad, from creating this website to creating content for LinkedIn or Instagram.

Our goal is to inform people about ZEG’s activities and to raise awareness about sustainability issues in general.

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Well being

Working on sustainability may lead us to work on some difficult topics or news, to which everybody reacts differently. We created this team to make sure that this doesn’t turn into stress or eco-anxiety. In addition, we work on preventing conflicts and thus make sure that – as the name says – everybody at ZEG is feeling well.

Poster Campaign

In collaboration with Liglou, we created 6 posters that aim to raise awareness among students on the subject of Co2 emissions.
The campaign was done with the support of the EPFL Vice Presidency for Responsible Transformation.
The posters are currently dispatched over the entire EPFL campus.


The awareness team is organising Climate Fresks (fr. La Fresque du Climat), Biodiversity Collages (fr. La Fresque de la Biodiversité) and Digital Collages (fr. La Fresque du Numérique).
These are workshops created by French associations to make scientific reports, namely the IPCC (GIEC in french) report, the IPBES report and the Green-It report, accessible in a fun way.

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Our event team organizes all the small to medium events throughout the semester. They range from chill movie projections to a entire conferences around sustainability. 

We reach out to NGOs, politicians or responsible companies and invite them to our campuses to discuss sustainability issues or debate current topics.

We will organise an information event on the 7th of March 2024 at EPFL (room : BS 160 at EPFL). Feel free to come and ask questions.

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