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Hands-on projects

Our hands-on project give you the opportunity to learn new skills and be part of a truly sustainable project. You will discover how you can have an impact on your campus. At Zero Emission Group, we are currently supporting 6 projects in various domains. The goal of these projects is to show the feasibility of sustainable practices on campus, thus making a strong case for their implementation at larger scale

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Current projets :
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Life Cycle Assessment

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the most popular method to evaluate the environmental impact of a product or a service. The first goal the LCA team is to teach you how to conduct an LCA. After a few workshops, you will know everything that it takes to conduct a REAL analysis with NGOs, municipalities or other EPFL student associations such as Balélec or Rocket Team and help them reduce their environmental impact.


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Sustainable Finance

The Sustainable Finance project aims at steering financial investments towards sustainability. Currently, the main project is to reinvest EPFL’s funds in a more sustainable way, starting with a portfolio of CHF 25m. We further started work on extending the project to other Swiss universities, where we want to enable sustainability associations to replicate our success with the reinvestment of EPFL’s funds.


EcoLens is a mobile app designed to incentivize students to eat more sustainably. Utilizing a game-like interface, the app encourages users to make more eco-conscious choices at university restaurants. Students can track their food-related carbon emissions, earn rewards, and participate in challenges.

Energy & Resources Forum

Since the beginning of the spring semester 2023, a team of 10 students at EPFL is working on our next Energy and Resources Forum.
The third edition of the Energy & Resources Forum organized by Zero Emission Group has the goal of bringing together key stakeholders from science, industry, business, and policy to envision a sustainable future within the resource boundaries of our planet. It aims at raising awareness among the academic community on the challenges and opportunities that the energy transition presents.

Plast it back !

Plast it Back aims to raise awareness about the issue of plastic waste at EPFL. This project enables students from UNIL and EPFL to be directly involved in the recycling of plastic waste produced on campus.

We collaborate with laboratories of the Life Science faculty to collect a part of their plastic waste and turn them into useful objects. In parallel, we are working on recycling all 3D printers’ waste on campus in order to recycle them into new 3D printing filaments.

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Research on Energy Optimization

The « Research on Energy Optimisation » project aims to explore possible areas of energy/resource saving. In the past year, our work has focused on the « EcoCompteur » project, which aims to develop a water meter that provides real-time display of water usage so that individuals can reduce their consumption. The aim is to produce a first prototype of the EcoCompteur with the help of as student’s master’s project in the coming semesters.

We will organise an information event on the 28th of September 2023 at EPFL (room : CE 1 6). Feel free to come and ask questions. We will be also present at the association week at EPFL’s Esplanade on the 26th & 28th of September during lunch.

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