Sustainable finance

Monetary investments are what steers the economy. Such investments thus have a huge potential for a sustainable transformation of our world. Together with EPFL we are working on leveraging this potential.

EPFL has monetary reserves and is willing to create a new investment portfolio with part of the resources, which would encompass CHF 25 million. The sustainable finance group at ZEG is collaborating with EPFL’s treasury for the creation of such a portfolio. We are making sure that this portfolio has the most positive ecological impact possible.

Spring semester 2022

During the previous semester we did research on sustainable investment opportunities. We created a report where we discuss our findings and lay out different ways of investing in a sustainable manner. Our report further contains a concrete proposal for an investment strategy. At the end of the semester we presented this strategy to stakeholders at EPFL. In the next semester we will work with the EPFL treasury on a concrete implementation of our plan.

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