Awareness Fresque du climat

The goal of the awareness pole is to inform as many people as possible of the situation regarding climate.

At ZEG, we want to raise awareness on campus, for which we use the Climate Fresk (fr. La Fresque du Climat). It is a workshop created by a French association to make the IPCC report accessible in a fun way. To date, there are more than 200 people that experienced it on the campus, and 50 trained animators within Zero Emission Group, and even more within EPFL’s community.

Therefore, the Climate Fresk was already conducted with teachers (MT, AR, SV), one in collaboration with CSAW, several during Our Climate campaign, and another during the sustainability week organized by the SPE with gymnasium students from Thun. We continue to organize the Climate Fresks, with our new members, and we take all the opportunities to propose the activity on the campus.

Additionally, we have had the opportunity to facilitate this workshop for many student EPFL associations to make sure they are aware of the climate issues when doing their own activities.

For the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, we want to grab this opportunity to facilitate this workshop for a maximum number of first-year students. As the community of facilitators as well as the interest for this game grow, we expect to have more and more Climate Fresks this year on both EPFL and UNIL campus !

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Location: Zero Emission Group, CH-1015 Lausanne