The goal of this team is raise awareness on sustainability and to promote careers in Science and Engineering in Swiss secondary schools.

How it works?

The team contracted with the Little Prince Foundation, whose purpose is to improve youth’s daily lives and prepare them for the future.

The workshop, which takes about 45 minutes, is an interactive introduction to the Doughnut Theory, planet boundaries, the IPCC, LCAs, and possible solutions to tackle environmental challenges. The class is done in French at your school. The pupils’ smartphone is used throughout the workshop as an example to guide them through these sustainability-oriented concepts and tools.

The workshop is then followed by a discussion with the representative of a start-up or NGO active in sustainability projects, to see how previously explained concepts are applied in practice.


secondary students will attend the workshop this semester


Number of workshops during the semester


facilitators currently on the team

Do you want to join the team ?

The workshop is now ready. We are currently facilitating it in local secondary schools (knowledge of French is necessary), so feel free to reach out if leading a classroom through this brief journey into the world of sustainability tempts you. You’ll be trained beforehand to do so, no previous experience is required, just energy and a passion for sharing ! You can reach us by writing at the following adress : zeroemissiongroup@epfl.ch

Are you a school interested in the workshop ?

You can contact us at the following email address : zeroemissiongroup@epfl.ch
You can go to the official page of the workshop : https://construire-demain.ch

Support :

All this wouldn’t be possible without the support of our two partners :

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