EcoLens’ goal is to educate and incentivise EPFL students and collaborators towards a more sustainable nutrition.

EcoLens App

Together with DLAB of Prof. Robert West and the PhD student Kristina Gligoric, an app was under development as a semester project by the Master student Andrea Perozziello. The goal of the app is to give an easy access to reliable and transparent information of the environmental impact of the menus proposed on the EPFL campus, as well as to give a way to track progress over time, and to be able to compare the behaviour of different social groups (faculties, groups of friends, etc) and to provoke friendly competition.

EcoLens Challenge

During 2-3 weeks, we organised the EcoLens challenge in 4 of EPFL cafeterias: FoodLab Native, FoodLab Alpine, Piano and Ornithorynque. The challenge consisted in choosing more sustainable menus, and be rewarded with the chance to win prizes at the end of the challenge. In the cafeterias, we would distribute stickers to people who chose A-B menus (according to the grade given on the EPFL Campus App). Participants would then put their stickers on one of the maps present in each restaurant, with their team name and their student number. At the end of the challenge, we selected winners randomly among all the stickers, and distributed the prizes during Vivapoly. The choice of the prizes were also made to promote conscious consumption project on campus such as EpiLibre or Vorace, zero waste shops, or Limoo, a startup which delivers gastromomy vegan food on campus.

Our Work

EcoLens EPFL - Raise awareness around food habits

EcoLens EPFL - Raise awareness around food habits

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