LCA consulting

Our objective is to analyze the environmental impacts of products, processes and provide insights for sustainable decision-making.

Why discuss LCA?

There are several issues and characteristics of LCA that are important to consider:

  • The more and more demand for LCA, as well in general & globally as for ZEG
  • Demand for LCA from companies, organizations, other associations at EPFL, etc…
  • Demand from students to acquire this valuable skill

Yet LCA is complicated :

  • Need for a lot of knowledge
  • Demanding work: time, interest, organizational
  • Work is not much fun at times

However, LCA is crucial for the transformation towards a more sustainable and in the end net zero world! It is probably one of the most valuable skills of the coming decades and a skill related to engineering. Thus, who would be more suited than EPFL to develop this expertise?

Hence there is a need for a new concept!

New role of LCA at ZEG

We want to catalyze the development and spread of this crucial skill for engineers at one of the most important engineering schools on this planet. This means that we will focus less on working on actual LCA projects and more on gathering partners to increase the importance of LCA. We will develop more towards the role of supervisors, scientific advisors or counselors, and most importantly lobbyists for LCA.

We want to become the catalyst for LCA at EPFL!
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